Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ive just started using CashCrate because i have absolutely no work experience, no diploma, and i need money to live. So ill include this referral link Here and then get on to blogging.

Im a musician, not the kind that just picked up a guitar and decided to be a rock star, no, i put in the effort, i went through the Piano Lab in Middle School, then i went on to Chorus in High School. Somewhere inbetween i picked up the guitar, and it felt like magic, so i learned, and practiced, and gave up on school to persue music. Then i found my Guitarist/Front Man, and things just took off, now we make better music than most of the people out there today (which sounds egotistical, but its true) and ive assumed the role of Bassist/Rapper (another one of my talents/passions). The bass took getting used to, but as a brilliant poet, i fell into the rapping idea easily. So now we're trying to get started as a group and the only problem is, no drummer.

So we're stuck between talented nobodies and superstars....im sure if we could record and sell CD's or whatever, do shows, we could go places, the only problem with that is, no starting money, no recording equipment....so im forced to do this shit, blogging my thoughts with referral links, prolly add on Google Adsense in a bit.

If theres anyone else who hates life more than i do, theyve prolly killed themselves by now.

Peace n Love,